The Last Viking Voyage

Lovely read and images from a journey by longboat 🙂

ArchaeoFox: Exploring the World Through the Past

In the summer of 2015, I spent five months working as an Experimental Archaeologist at the Lofotr Viking Museum, high above the Arctic Circle, in Northern Norway…

The Lofotr Viking museum has the world’s largest reconstructed longhouse. It was in the back of this longhouse, in a room known as the ‘Living Quarter’, that I built my own medieval workshop, kitted out with replica Viking Age tools and quality staves of many kinds of wood. For two summers I worked in this room; hand-crafting Viking bows and arrows, demonstrating archery and teaching hundreds of visitors a week about Experimental Archaeology.
I got to work with authentic woods, with replica tools and experienced carrying out my craft within a network of activity that was created by the many other historic crafters who also worked there, including blacksmiths, wood carvers, leather workers, textile weavers and more.

But worth more to me, I think, than any bow…

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