A Workshop Fit For a Chieftain – Part I

ArchaeoFox: Exploring the World Through the Past

Vegard, the Lofotr Viking Museum’s conservator and I stood back and inspected the new bow-making station; an assortment of wooden benches and iron tools displayed in the far corner of a long and wide room at the farthest end of chieftains’s longhouse.
“Do you think it will it will hold?” he asked as I drove my last nail through the leg of a workbench and into the wooden floor.
“Should do”, I said, giving it a sturdy wiggle.
“Good, because its staying there,” he said with a grin; “indefinitely”. Not a year has passed since that conversation and already my entire workshop is being moved, along with all its fixtures, to the entire opposite end of the Chieftain’s Longhouse; to the room where an excavation in the 1980’s revealed around a large deposit of charcoal, several signs of domestic work, cooking, eating and sleeping; to the room we call the ‘Living Quarter’.

Change is often inevitable…

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