On the traditional dye front – Woad and Madder

Very exciting…cold dyeing!

Joanna Hassam

Been a bit quiet on my blog lately. Sorry about that folks. Seem to have a bit of time up my sleeve to write what I have been up too.

I am currently working on several commissioned projects. Viking age leg wraps to be exact. Unlike many other people I handspin all the wool for these items on a drop spindle. Essentially a stick with a weight on the end. It takes time but it still has a slightly different look about it to wheel spun wool. (Spinning wheels apparently didnt appear till around the 11th century, see this linkhttp://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinning_wheel).

I have been combing and spinning natural coloured Spelsau sheep fleeces, as covered in my earlier articles. The very exciting thing (for me at least) that I am working on right now is cold dyeing with a traditional woad fermentation vat and using a cold dyeing technique (no…

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