Beg, steal or borrow

horsebow_by_annethearcher-d6qx36y copyarchery_increased_to_76_by_annethearcher-d6oftxp copyOne of «my» girls has a presence on the web which portrays such an amount of coolness that its inhabitants are constantly stealing her stuff. Some are ignorant to the habit of giving credits but some are cutting away her watermarks and renaming the files, pretending that its their own material. This is of course not a new issue. But it is definately NOT cool.
autumn_by_annethearcher-d6pkjwm copyBut in any case, here follows a simple set of rules for reposting content:

  • if you choose to repost someone elses material on some social platform you should use the reposting link on the owners site. That way there is never any doubt about who is the owner of the content.
  • if you host a site which collects art or the like you should ask the owner permission to use it…most people will say yes to a polite request…
  • …and the least you must do is give credit by linking to the original in your post.
  • if you’re in doubt of who’s image it really is, do a google search by image before you choose to link to the site where you found it first.huntress_by_annethearcher-d6q0pm2 copy

Copyright Anne Fause. Used with permission. See more at Tumblr or DeviantArt.


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