Dyeing day

Interessant om plantefarging 🙂


Yesterday I mordanted, today I dyed. At least it wasn’t a very extensive dyelot, so its over in a day.

Although Branston is asking why its raining in his bathtub cos he wants to play with his ping pong ball in there.

june dye

top row, fustic and persian berries in equal quantity. I used the natural dye extracts from wild colour for these because I’d ever used them before and wanted to see what they were like. I’m quite impressed. Normally I get my veg dyes from george wiel/fibrecrafts, but I was a bit peeved with my last order. they do say on thier website that because natural dyes loose or gain moisture from the atmosphere there can be a 10% variation either way in wieght (so you’d sort of expext some to be over and some under), but when I wieghed the last lot I got from them every 100g…

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