You have a bill

Bill copyNo it’s not Bill Nye…or Bill Murray. It’s not even Bill Gates. And certainly not Bill Skarsgård.

It’s the membership fee for 2013…and Lofotr fuel/food expenses!

I am sending the documents to Tromsø Museum to get paid for Desembernatt as we speak; that income + the membership fee for 2014 will go straight into the equipment pot. (tent and whatnot) Whatever remains will be billed when that is done.

The good people who use their cars and fuel to get us and our extensive equipment to fairs are more than tolerant and endlessly patient with these complicated calculations. I do however, now that we have some inclination of the costs, have a suggestion: next time we venture to Lofotr we should each pay a fee of 500,- in advance, so that the fuel costs are met BEFORE all of our refunds from Lofotr arrive.

What say you?


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