Lofotr; info and such

551238_10151109072264925_645158829_n Alrighty folks…this is your friendly travel guide reporting!

We’re one week from departure and as far as I know we’re all set. I rented a station wagon today from Avis which we will pick up in the city centre on the 6th some time after 1200. It’s got plenty of space for luggage but if needed we can even rent a luggage rack. The car costs 5025,- through the week to sunday at 2400 hours, with insurance and free mileage. The gas will probably amount to about 1500,-. Lofotr will pay for 60% of our joint traveling costs, so we need to calculate those on sunday since I would prefer it if I could bill them before we leave.

My friend is bringing her lavvu over to Bohus and Dag Morten is bringing our new Oseberg tent from Leirfjorden, and the now finished bow rack! There will be 8 of us sharing the two tents. I bought a tripod with a chain and a bbq rack and some other camp equipment for cooking and staying warm. Lofotr will offer fire wood for those in camp, and there will be camp toilets and probably showers. We’re still lacking a cooking pot and I suppose some will want arabic bean soup eh? So if anyone has a kettle, please bring it. 🙂 Apart from my rather posh sleeping gear I’m bringing eating equipment, a travel apothecary and a mechanical «dishwasher». (a plastic bowl and a brush. :p) I’m also bringing dish towels, a cooling bag and two water cans.

We’ll go shopping for food at the local mall on wednesday, but if you want something for tuesday evening you should consider getting it before we leave or underways since we’ll arrive late in the evening.

Remember sun tan lotion and mosquito repellant!


I’m getting poles for the banner and rope for the tent tomorrow. My half of the banner is done and Tonje’s part is almost done. We need spearheads! 😀 Not sure about the availability of electricity for loading cell phones, does anyone know if one can do that in the car?

We spent almost 9 hours driving (with stops) last summer so it would be grand if we could leave no later than 1400. That about covers it so far, but in case I over looked something I’m sure you will remind me 😉


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